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【お知らせ】お支払い方法「キャリア決済」のご利用の終了・「コンビニ決済」のお支払期限について (2022/05/20更新)
【お知らせ】お支払い方法「キャリア決済」のご利用の終了・「コンビニ決済」のお支払期限について (2022/05/20更新)

[Used] Taiwanese version of Aikatsu! Lesson Tournament Pass Certificate 1 [Condition: Body C No Package] / Bandai

Original price ¥330 - Original price ¥330
Original price ¥330
¥330 - ¥330
Current price ¥330
SKU 2160000005073

[Genre] Imported version of Aikatsu!
[JAN code] 2160000005073
Please be sure to refer to the product status before ordering.
We cannot accept returns due to condition rank.
In addition, the selling price may differ between mail order and stores.
It is a Taiwanese lesson tournament pass certificate (parallel import goods).
Since it has no exterior, it may be damaged to some extent. Please note.

[About used product condition rank]
S: Unopened item / Beauty item
A: Unopened, damaged and dirty
B: Opened goods / beautiful goods
C: Opened item, damaged and dirty
D: Opened / missing items are damaged

S: Unopened, beautiful goods
A: Unopened, damaged and dirty
B: Opened and beautiful goods
C: Opened, damaged and dirty
D: Missing item / noticeable damage
None Originally no package